Dr. P is the man!!! 

I was very reluctant to try chiropractor – until my back was in so much pain from dead lifts that I couldn’t get up off the living room floor. Then I went to Dr.P, and the work he’s done has changed the quality of my life. I’ve been seeing him for over 4 month’s now, with amazing results – my back pain is gone, and I feel stronger and healthier. He is smart, compassionate, and extremely skilled – he knows the human body and all of its quirks, and he can take one look at you and know why you have pain and how to get rid of it. I recommend Dr. P to everyone I know who complains of back pain.

Dan R


For the past year or so, I have been having horrible back pain that comes & goes. At the beginning of this week, my back pain was so bad that each step I took made me want to cry. I avoided going to the doctor for two reasons. #1. I have horrible, uncontrollable anxiety when it comes to any medical treatment (doctor, dentist…whatever). #2. I was sure that any Urgent Care doctor would just give me some kind of pain meds and not actually TREAT the issue. THIS was a major factor because I dont think masking pain with narcotics solves anything & frankly, I just wont take unnecessary pain meds that will only make me nauseous.
It never even occured to me to try a Chiropractor until a coworker recommended Dr. Piorkowski. I made the appt, just hoping it might help some. I was in pain and was desperate. Dr Piorkowski greeted me himself and had a very casual air about him that immediately put me at ease. We spent some time talking before he “adjusted” me. He let me know that since my problem was chronic, it may take awhile to get better, but I’ll be damned if I didnt feel like a new person after my first visit! I could walk without pain for the first time in days! The relief I felt is beyond words.
I cant express how happy I am that I decided to try Dr Piorkowski. The Doc & Mojo really have a good thing going & I look forward to my future visits with them.



Dr. Piorkowski knows what he’s doing. I broke my back a few years ago and have had severe back pain ever since. I’ve always thought Chiropractors are phonies and most of them are! In the past they have done absolutely nothing for my daily pain.
A friend suggested for me to see Doc Rich and sceptically went for a few visits ( 2-3).
Since visiting him my back feels like it did prior to the accident!!
He doesn’t use fancy machines and try to over bill you1!!


Larkin Remodelers, LLC


I have had chronic back issues for nearly ten years. Each time it would flare up, I would see a new chiropractor. Dr. Rich is the only one who can crack my back the right way and so I have stuck with him for the last few years. I have referred a few friends his way and every one of them thanks me as well. If you’re new to chiropractic medicine or if you have been advised to see one, you can’t go wrong going to Evergreen.

Dave T.


I highly recommend Dr. Rich Piorkowki.  He is warm, personable and very professional as is his trusty assistant, Mojo.  He has been able to reduce the occurrence of .my migraine headaches tremendously.  He also does a great job aligning my back.  I’ve been to plenty of other chiropractors, but have never had as much success as I’ve had with Dr. Piorkowski.

Melanie L.


Doc P is a skilled and sensitive holistic doctor. Always willing to fit you in even with short notice to relieve pain.

Deca M.


I started seeing doctor Richard since I had a car accident. I had a horrible back pain but he was patient, friendly, and helped me a lot. I cant thank him enough and I appreciate everything he has done for me.
I highly recommend doctor Piorkowski.

Nguyen Thao


I first saw Dr. Pirokowski in 2007. I had been suffering from back pain for almost a month. This was not the first time I had problems with my back and, in the past, I had tried acupuncture; occupational therapy; massage; other Chiropractors; prescription muscle relaxants & pain relievers; and bed rest. Nothing I tried ever completely got rid of the problem. Usually, over time, the pain would lessen but the tightness remained.

Doctor Pirokowski was the first Chiropractor that made a lasting difference. I noticed some relief after the first visit and most of my pain was gone by the third.

I’ve had some ‘twinges’ since then, but a visit or three, with the good Doctor, has sent them on their way.

I highly recommend Doctor Pirokowski. He listens to his patients and positive results (at least for me) were fast and measurable.

As an added bonus, he accepts several types of insurance ….

Dog Mom


Dr. P (as he is most easily called) is the best DC I have ever been to, hands down (pun intended).

I did not know what a lower back adjustment was until I began going to Evergreen Chiro a few years ago now. I also used to have to go once a month for adjustments though that has has pushed that out 2 to 3 months now (because his adjustments are so good).

To sum it up, Dr. P is the ONLY DC I know who can laughingly say “Relax and go with it because I’m going to adjust you one way or the other”. After all, we are going to get better and not to just think we are….

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  1. Mark Cip says:

    I have gone from being in pain 95% of the day to 5% or less due to Dr Rich’s care. Every time I walk out of his office, I bound down the stairs like I have a new lease on life! I highly recommend his services as well as Cindy Walter’s massage therapy!

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